Saturday, February 2, 2008

I have been delving into the polar opposites of my mind through movies. I watch Spanish movies and then I watch American movies. I saw 'Volver' followed by 'Medea's Family Reunion'.
Watching inspiring American movies and seeing our stunning landscape and my diverse people brings on easy, sentimental tears.

A perfect opportunity to showcase our culture in a positive light can be seen in the Indy documentary: 10 MPH. It is about some regular Americans who travel from Seattle to Boston and meet people along the way. What gives this typical scenario an interesting twist is that they can only go 10 MPH because they are doing it on a Segway (with a car/trailer behind). Through the breathtaking scenery they drive meeting regular Americans that are doing their thing with a dash of life-philosophy tossed in.

It is a remarkable film... I highly, highly recommend this homegrown movie to anyone who needs a remind of how great of a country we live in and for the cynics who can't see it themselves... (sometimes those are both me)

AND YOU CAN WATCH IT ONLINE FOR FREE! (Although, after watching it, you will want to buy the dvd for a present for someone you know who 'outta see a movie like that'.)Their website is:

Watch it on youtube (it takes a minute to start up, be patient):

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