Sunday, February 3, 2008

Selling dreams

Today, I sold my sewing machine, carrying case, sewing basket, cutting board, sewing table, material and supplies for $125. Granted I got the sewing machine as a gift, found the table on the side of the road and I have no recollection of how the cutting board came to me...

The pathetic thing is, I never used any of it. 5 years I had it- along with visions of glorious dresses, unique jackets, flowey long pants and of course a multitude of curtains & pillows. I feel disappointment in myself.

When I sold all that stuff, I also sold a goal that I never met. I gave back to the universe (through a woman named juliann) that which I was wasting.

On the bright side, there is a space in my room which is empty... a symbolic corner and a reality reminder. The sewing machine is the first big thing I have let go of. I have a sneaking suspicion that after this major over haul down-size that my future endeavors and pursuits will be followed through with a bit more gusto.

In my current house, it is all a bit overwhelming (in a good way). I can paint, draw, sew, read, lay in a hammock, dance, cook, etc etc. So many creative outlets available and so rarely seized these days. I had to have a huge dancing space with mirrors... I had to have a lounge area for movies and deep discussions... it was dire that I have a stove with 2 big burners... I could go on and on.

Things, things, things... the sad thing is, is that I comforted myself with the loss of my sewing machine with these 6 words, "I can always get another one". Since I know that, have I really given it away?


Tammy said...

Yes dear, you really HAVE given it away. But if it makes you feel better, resolve to sew so something lovely in Spain with your NEW sewing machine and then give it away to someone else in need -- a random act of kindness with absolutely no strings attached.

I posted something about you on my blog this morning -- complete with pictures as promised. :-)

Hicham said...


Well, what a surprise to discover your secret blog. I finally took the time to get a deep grasp of it; I have to say that
it is in fact relaxing to read it, and it got me in a peaceful mood. The design and the colors add to it.

Your blog is a great idea, you're taking time to think things through and it is reminding me the big deal your "kitchen transition"
is. Your sewing adventure is sadly ended. I think you will write a new sewing page one day. Talking about sewing, now it is my mother's best
hobby ever...She really digs that.

I do like the spanish style kitchen picture. Really unique.

One thing that is really astonishing me is the way we are living our current evolution: you are writting a blog and sharing
lots of your thoughts, whereas I kind of do the opposite. I had a big transition on last september.
But for me, it may be our future reunion in Madrid or wherever it is. Being alone and studying, I know that thing. I am a professional at it.
Being with you in Europe and having a regular job, that I do not know... but, damn... I look forward to it and cannot wait!

Let's not resist evolving, let's embrass it.

I love you Nicole.