Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dec.(no) Jan. (no) Feb (no). and yes, finally March brings a new blog entry!

Handmade gown from Morocco.

I CANNOT believe I have not done one single entry since (gasp!) last November!!!!

You know how they say time speeds up as you get older? Well, I must be pretty damn ancient since that much time has passed without feeling either the urge to blog or the guilt to blog. (Two sides to the same coin).

Since I last blogged, we have gone to Seville, celebrated the holidays, Sabine turned 4, got sick and better, took a trip to Amsterdam, stayed cozy in the house, parties, did lots of art, reading, cooking/baking, crafting and dancing.

Cozy reading time
Oh so funny!

As my list of stuff to do just grows and grows ... post office, dishes, laundry, plan spring trip to USA and on and on it goes. I knew that unless I just sit down and do a quick entry - just to let y'all know that I am still here (physically at least bwa ha haa).
Little tuft curly-Q

Little artist
 Here are some pics of the growing girls:

Incredible to me just how much they have changed in the last few months! Leo is starting to talk.... almost entirely in French which totally baffles me. Encore, do do, oui (= more, sleep, yes) and of course, her favorite NON!

Sabine's imagination is infinite. SO interesting to hear her thoughts on well ... everything. As her language gets more complex, so too do her ideas.

Leo at Sabine's salon

Yesterday she was fixing my hair. She brushed it with a brush and then took various toys and shook them over my head. She described all the things she was adding to my hairstyle. Cars were glitter, a teapot dispensed some stars, her mini etch a sketch was the conditioner, and on and on and on.... until finally: "Voila! There you go, now you are a boy"!

We have had lots of dance club days during the cold, dreary days. We listen to everything from classical, electro, tribal, pop, blue grass, funk and more.

So fun to expose the girls to the wide variety of music available! Sabine really loves Stromae, James Brown, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Libana and Ziggy Marley to name just a few of her favs.

Being an only child, I didn't really know what to expect by having 2 children. Allow me to say, I love the love between them. The thrill of seeing each other each morning never diminishes. The hugs, the kisses and the care for one another - lovely! Of course, there are also tears and conflict - but they are learning so much about working it out - that I rarely step in. Make no mistake, Leo is a little toughie, she can push just as hard as Sabine. And just TRY to wrench something out of her tiny grip - not gonna happen! You'll observe the serious face on Leo holding the drum, who would mess with her?

Rabbit going for a ride
Drumma gurl
Sabine's class celebrating the big 0-4
I was surprised they used real candles.