Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fluenz Language Learning Software Review or Learning French like an adult!

I have tried many different methods including various books, software and classes.  By far, the best system for me has been the Fluenz Language Learning software.  WORTH EVERY PENNY!

People always ask me how I became fluent in French so quickly.

Okay, that is not true at all.  I am not really fluent and well, I have been here for 2.5 years, so not so quick either.  I have a long, long ways to go.

Learning another language takes time, effort, discipline and practice.  Because I live in France, I have been forced to practice or in other words LIVE HERE therefore use French.  Discipline comes and goes as motivation comes and goes.  After going to a party where I am mainly baffled by 90% of the conversation, I vow to study the moment I get home.  As for effort (trying), that just means I devoted attention to it instead of other things.  For example, I can either listen to podcasts of "This American Life" or I can listen to  Coffee Break French.   For passive learning, Coffee Break French is brilliant.  I could listen to CBF when cleaning the kitchen, sitting on the metro, etc.  But, to really take language learning to the next level, one should devote "active thinking" time to French while not multi-tasking.  That means really giving yourself over to working with the language.

So, when I discovered Fluenz (especially after that joke Rosetta Stone), I was beyond thrilled.

In looking at their website, I copied the paragraph that sums up why Fluenz works for me:

Our philosophy is simple: we think of ourselves when we design our programs. We look at each language, be it Chinese or Italian, and take it apart from the point of view of English. We ask ourselves common sense questions: How does Italian work? What's challenging in Spanish? We then create a path through each language that makes sense to an English speaker trying to learn it. This takes a lot of time, but it's the only way it can be done.

The key for me was that they explain French using English.  Learning through immersion works great... if you are 12.  Adults learn by fitting new information into what they already know.  In my French classes here in Paris, I would supplement their strict French only stance with my French learning books that offered explanations in English.  This would enrage the teachers, but short of ripping the book out of my hands, they could not stop me from referencing it.  They would rather spend 30 minutes explaining something in French rather than letting me just read one paragraph explaining it the same damn concept in 1 minute.  Mais, non!

Fluenz is an interactive tool which incorporates natural conversations along with simple English explanations which allows me to absorb the language without analysis paralysis!  There is no memorizing 8 verb tenses and then filling out a page of busywork to practice only to completely forget it all the moment you actually try to use it because all you can remember is ALL the variant possibilities AT THE SAME TIME!

Fluenz breaks it down for you.  Teaches you how to use the language so that you can use it.  Immediately.  Yes, Immediately.  Are there tons of repetition in the exercises?  Yes, absolutely.  But it is not the same word with 8 different endings all at one time.   You don't get bored, it actually is fun.

With Fluenz, you practice it ALL too.   Listening, writing, reading, comprehension and speaking using interactive software.  You must be on the ball to use Fluenz, this is active learning.  You cannot do Fluenz and think about what you are going to eat for dinner.  It takes concentration and gives back an open door to another world!


B. said...

Nicole, I love this! Thanks for sharing! I know what I'll be purchasing next week :) p.s I'll be in Paris this weekend. Would love to see you and meet little Sabine :)

oliviadog said...

Thanks for commenting! I am sending you an email on fb.

Sara Louise said...

I really might check this out! I like that they 'explain' things in English. I have a great French professor right now, and she works wonders, but I'm still constantly asking for explanations of why things are they way they are, and she usually gives me an exasperated stare. If I don't know why, then I won't understand it.
Found you via expat-blog and as a new Frenchie myself, I wanted to say salut :-)

oliviadog said...

Hey Sara, I checked out your blog. It's great! Yes, let's stay in touch and compare notes. You can be the country mouse and I will be the city mouse (unfortunately). May I also recommend any book by Polly Platt. They are excellent, hilarious and helpful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your review of Fluenz!