Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rage of Sabine

Another photo entry I am afraid.  I have some other things to share and get off my chest, but that will have to wait because we are going to get our butts outside and enjoy this absolutely magnificent day.  So, here is a quick photo entry which I think is really bittersweet.  I tried to put a cute ribbon in Sabine's hair.  She just cannot stand stuff on her head.  Her sunhats with velcro don't stand a chance on her!

Please note these nine pictures were all taken in less than a minute.  I mention this for two reasons: I did not subject her to the agony of ribbon on head for an extended time and wow, how expressive is this child?  The other thing that is amazing is that she can fall on her face, blood coming out of her nose and she barely makes a whimper.  But this, well - this is just sob worthy.

She realizes just like the hats that she aggressively yanks off, this ribbon is removable as well. 
Back on the ground, she looks at me with indignation and gets on with her life...
by reading a book.


Deb said...

Those pictures are incredible Nicole ! Your daughter is so beautiful ! I love love love these !

Lizzie D. said...

That is hilarious!