Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Been a bit dull around here anyway, so we eat:)

I know globally the last few days have been exciting for many, many people.  What with a royal wedding and with Bin Laden officially killed (or dead), emotions have been running high lately.  Not so much here in our little corner of the world.

So, as mentioned, it has been a bit dull around here, meaning that the apartment is clean, we have groceries, there is dinner in the crock pot, laundry is caught up, been working on my volunteering and well, simple living stuff.  But someone recently did ask me, well what does she eat then?  Of course, this came after it was discovered that Sabine has never eaten a chicken nugget.  Yeah, she doesn't eat chickens, cows or pigs - anything that can walk basically.  She does like eggs though and cheese - so she enjoys some animal products occasionally.  Sabine also eats yogurt every morning with oatmeal and fruit.   So, I figured that might be blog worthy.  Is it?  Well anyway, here are some pictures of Sabine and that cute lil red fox is always blog worthy.  So, here is what my little veggie-bine ate for lunch today.

I said, "Hey girl, are you ready for lunch?"  She put her hand on her hip indignantly.

This was her plate:

She had red beans, potatoes, avocado, raisins and corn.

Of course, the raisins were gone first in 30 seconds even though she eats them one at a time.

Finally, one morsel at a time, clean plate and full belly.

One happy Sabine:)


Anonymous said...

Let's try this again! Great photos. I love, love, love how happy Sabine is!

Marla said...

She's adorable! And her lunch looks great (and healthy!). Parker ate so much healthier at her age than Grace does. ;( I just get in a rut and start not thinking outside of the box. Thank you for re-igniting this in me!

oliviadog said...

Thanks Marla, anytime. :)