Friday, May 6, 2011

My Favorite Building in all of Paris

Even though I have lived here for almost three years (one summer and 2.5 years in our current abode), I can still be taken aback by some of the sights here.  Some bad, some good and some downright breath-taking.  My all-time favorite building falls in catagory three. It's address is 29 Ave Rapp.  It is about 2 minutes away from the American Library.  We get to see it each time we go and I always stop to admire it and like good art, each time I see it I like it more and more.  I also notice new things about it.  It is worth a few minutes to really look at these pictures, there is just so much love and care that went into creating this building's facade.

I have always wondered, who?  why?  what in the hell?  I mean, a TWO HEADED TURTLE?  Luckily, google maps, led me in the right direction (ha ha pun intended).  From locating the address on google maps, it appears I am not alone in my mild obsession with this art nouveau fantastic building.  Many others have taken photos of it too and even credited the original designer Jules Aime Lavirotte.  So, a simple google search of that name led me to more information about Jules.  And voila, the guy designed at least nine other buildings. includes all the addresses and so, I will begin my quest to seek and find each of these mythical buildings in Paris.

I am pretty thrilled at the prospect, not gonna lie of a mini mission.  As my favorite tv character would say, "Set a course" (Capt Janeway).  Here is the first of nine (can't wait to get to Seven of Nine - another Star Trek reference tee-hee).

Nine Building Photo Series: One

Built 1901:


             Another Angle.

Please click on the photo to open it up to it's original size and enjoy all of it's glorious details: 

                         Check out that cool interior ceramic ceiling.  And people actually get to live here.
                          Hello 112 year old two headed turtle.
Saved the best part for last, the entrance.  You can't just call it a door either.  It truly is an entrance.


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