Monday, May 9, 2011

Cuteness and Grandeur

Life has been so wonderfully bright and sunny.  Sorry to all of my American friends who cannot look out the window and report the same.  However, it is not that common that the sun shines in Paris - so, I get to mention it with absolute glee.

Lots to share, but sorta limited on time at the moment, but didn't want to wait another day for an update.  Once it happens, it is a slippery slope and I want to keep this blog a happenin' place to be.  So, Another photo essay entry.  I hope that is okay - oh, wait, no I don't.  It is okay - because it is my blog and I do what I want... hmmmph.

So, we were once again totally delighted to have the warm company of two friends again for a day, a night and a morning.  Steve and Genevieve have been in France for about a month. They have had an amazing trip.  We got to see them at the beginning of their incredible journey and sadly, now at the tail end.  It was a beautiful day and so after lunch, we took the 15 minute train ride to Versailles.

I have been inside several times and just could not stomach the shuffling through the magnificent rooms yet again.  So, S & G went inside to be amazed at the dazzling rooms and we were very, very happy to spend time in the magnificent gardens... except that it was one of the exceptional days were they had light shows and fountain shows accompanied by music and all kinds of other stuff (cool stuff and had we more time, yes, sure but only an hour, nah - and it was about 12 US dollars to get this area instead:

I mean isn't that just lovely?  It was one of the the king's lakes.  When S & G called to tell us they were done being wowed by the glorious castle, we went back to the entry of the vast (understatement) gardens to meet up.  We took a few pics there.  Because it was close to closing time, there were very few people there.  This made the environment feel so much more authentic and how do you say? Bourgeois.

Behind us is the long lake, you can rent boat boats and paddle around there.   Steve, Genevieve, Hicham, Sabine and me.  I am standing like a wanna be catalog model (maybe JC Penny).  But if you click on the picture, you can see Sabine's lil fro.  Anyway, S & G look very good here so, voila.  I should add that all those green trees behind us are not just trees, but immaculately pruned and designed unique gardens.  Really, these gardens are exquisite.

Sabine and Hicham.  She practiced her stairs some more and more and more.  After that day, she is officially an expert.

As you can see, Sabine is trying to wiggle down and get back on her feet...

The back of the castle. us.

Sabine Arabella :)

And back to reality.  As we were walking back to the train station, this sign was just begging to be on my blog.  It is a newsstand and this is a cover of a magazine.  In case, you didn't know, America is Back (all it took was one dead evil-doer)!

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