Thursday, September 29, 2011

lil shout out and a preview of what is upcoming

My very kind friend, Sara came from Durham.  She actually had some important work to do in Paris, but came a few days before all the meetings and report writings to hang out with us.  She also generously brought me a lifetime supply of American deodorant since French deodorant doesn't seem to really work.  I might have thought it was just me, but then you get on the metro and you realize it isn't.  She also brought me mascara and vitamins.  Thanks Sara!!!

Looking back now, Sara's three day mini-vacay was perhaps a bit of a whirlwind: Notre Dame, St Germain, Paris tour by car, boat festival, garden festivals, castles, wine and cheese, and staying a night in the most quirky of the quirkness bed and breakfast I have ever seen.  Last night, we even got to meet up for one last evening in my favorite neighborhood: Montmarte.  But as she said, "you can sleep when you're dead".  I love that! 

I took some very cool pictures of some really unique & bizarre things and creative & beautiful places but I am only going to post one at the moment.  Ya know, build the anticipation a bit. 

Well, actually I am just really tired but this blog has been waiting for going on a week now... so, check back soon for the photos of the International Garden fest and the biggest marinetime fest in Europe and and and

AND, in honor of my good friend Elizabeth and her husband David, who are about to celebrate their two year anniversary, i say, "CONGRATS!" to you both.  I know you and David are a great match and really are perfect for each other:)  Here is a cute photo I took over the weekend on our way to the boat festival.  It was the kind of photo you never have your camera for, but I did. 

Happy 2nd Anniversary Elizabeth and David!

The first decorated car I have seen in France.  Isn't that sad?  Anyway, congrats to the newlyweds (who ever they are)

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Elias said...

Hi Nicole,

It's Elias, I'm a friend of Lily's that you may have met once or twice before? Anyway, I'm in Paris, living here now, and I was hoping to maybe email you to see if you had any tips on adjusting to life out here! For some reason facebook won't let me message you...but either way, I hope you find the time to respond :)! My email is and I'm looking forward to hopefully hearing from you soon. great blog, by the way ^^.