Saturday, September 17, 2011

Langres, France : a few pictures

In an effort to keep this blog mostly up to date, interesting and relevant - I am posting a few pics of a historical town called Langres.  We stopped by for about two hours while on the way to Hicham's parent's home.  It is almost entirely walled in and has 12 towers and many gates.  Loaded with a maze of quaint streets and movie-set like buildings, it is definitely a place to visit!  We went there about two weeks ago.

Here are just a few pictures from our visit:

Unusual roof on a Cathedral.

Big red Cathedral door

One of the gates.  They started to build these walls in the 4th century.  But the area was settled 52 BC.  Hard for my American mind to grasp.  Notice the interesting arch at the top.  It is not your average shape - I think "helix" might be the word for it.

Just walking around you see random stuff like an old well attached to a house.  I love that!

The view from one of the towers.  There are four lakes in the area.

It was a really cool town.  We missed a lot of the intriguing sites such as the "Fountain with the Fairies" which is actually from the Roman era and is dedicated to the maiden-mother-crone aspect of the Goddess and the cool looking Navarre tower. Next time we will spend more time there and really get to know the place.

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