Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The absolute coolest carousel in the land of carousels!

Was gonna attempt to fill in the blanks of the last two weeks, but will instead just add a few highlights and then get on with the present!  Each day I wrote my blog entry, unfortunately in my head - not on my computer.  A couple of things have changed making my computer leisure time more scarce - and they are good!  For one thing, I have started going to bed earlier.  Second thing, I have started my French classes.  Still too early to tell what I think since the real teacher was absent for the first two classes.  And, I have been busy - both with living, learning and homemaking.  However, blogging is something I enjoy doing and something that I do for expression.  It is like journaling (without the real private stuff) and with colorful photos that I like.

I wrote the above paragraph two days ago!  What the hell?  Well, anyway ... I can now say that I love my new French teacher.  It takes about 45 minutes to get there and 45 minutes to rush back - for a class that is 1.5 hours!  But I am glad to be back in the saddle, c'est sure!

Old school boats on a perfect day
Soooo, several weeks ago we went to a really cool boat festival.  Don't ask me where exactly, I just know it was in the Loire Valley.  There was nautical stuff abound, people in costumes singing jigs and environmental awareness building displays filling the street.  As always, to see the pictures larger, click on them:)
A floating mermaid

These ladies were the wonderful singing drinking songs.

Some guys performing music on the water front, but really I am intrigued by the guy carrying the dog.

Old-school kids games
More boats.  The guy in blue was reading.

Another cool carousel, but not the coolest.

The thing that really, really, really impressed me the most the entire day was this absolutely ingenious old-skool amusement ride made entirely of drift wood and powered by parents either peddling a bike or riding a see-saw.  The music was live and was played by one talented man, whom I guessed had perhaps designed the beautiful organic carousel.  I thought Sabine was too little to go on the ride, but then I found their website and learned it was designed for 6 months to 6 years!  Check it out - they have a lot of cool stuff going on besides just this ride: http://www.theatre-toupine.org/even_15_a-driftwood-creation.html?lang=en

"Beasts of the Alpine"  The COOLEST carousel ever!

Eco-friendly, peddle powered by parents

Live accompaniment: either accordion, piano or sax.

The drift wood carousel is, for me, the stuff dreams are made of.

The elk taking a little girl on expedition.

Flying with the eagles and riding another mountain creature.


Since pictures can't really do this unique apparatus justice, here is a one minute video of the merry-go-round in action. I can't seem to post the actual video so you can,  Watch the carousel in action! (live accordian too!)

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