Thursday, August 18, 2011

So we went to a little castle instead

So, last weekend, Hicham and I had lovely plans to go to a blues festival about 3 hours away... when the drive seemed just too daunting for our moods, the plans changed. We found another music festival about 1.5 hours away that sounded really amazing, latin/cuban something or other. We found a quaint B&B to stay in, looked at things to do in the surrounding area, packed all the bags, loaded up the car and looked at the time realizing that we were total losers for leaving so late.

I said to Hicham, well let's just start driving and see where we end up. And so that is what we did and here is where we ended up. We came, we saw, we explored a little castle (no inside pics allowed.... grrrr) and then enjoyed the moat/gardens outside. After that, we stopped and had some dinner while Sabine slept and then drove home (45 minutes).

Here are the pictures from that relaxing, spontaneous day. There are two categories of pictures, artsy and cutesy. You decide which is which.  And as always for a better and BIGGER view, click on the photo.

Sailor girl

in case you wondered where her curls came from

the immense lawn behind the chateau (castle)

the moat and reflection

another reflection picture (can't stop myself)

A cute little church about a block away from the castle

Hicham being cute as usual.  I sure do love that guy.

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