Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sabine, the great laundry hanger. (play by play photo shoot)

Another Sabine-centric post.  Lucky you!  Since Sabine just loves to help mama around the house, she has been given some new chores around the house.  She puts her bibs away, closes all the cabinets/drawers as I put things away, cleans up her own toys and helps put away dishes.  She really gets into it and seems to just glow with delight at participating in well ... everything.

As with most other people I know living here in France, we do not have a clothes dryer.  One would think it would be especially tedious to use cloth diapers without one, but in fact, no it really isn't.  It also prolongs the life of the diaper to not be exposed to that intense heat. But anwyay ....

We do a fair bit of laundry around here with a sporty dad, learning toddler and spill inclined mama.  Sabine had been content with handing me things from the wet pile to put on the dry rack for a while, but then she decided one day that she would also start hanging the clothes.  She takes this (and most) tasks seriously.

The following is a series of pictures where she hangs and then re-hangs a wash cloth until she is satisfied As always to see the cuteness bigger, click on the photo.

Okay, a what do we have here ?

I think I will put it right here

yup, nice and flat, right here

oh, look at that ... I put that there!

Wait... wait a minute, that isn't right.  It is folded a bit.

Must take it off and try again...

Okay, shake it out like mama does.

Take each corner now..


Further inspection ....

Another angle...

From over here now, yes, that is acceptable.

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