Thursday, August 4, 2011

Phase two of Sabine's takeover :)

In my effort to keep up blogging, which is important to me AND stay in organization mode, I have decided to post my progress of Sabine's room.  I still need to get another bar to hang clothes on (thus the pile of coats) and some other boxes to store clothes in the big shelf.  Also, decorating has not yet begun.  The clock on the wall doesn't even have a battery and obviously it looks ridiculous there.  Finally, I need to find a new system for storing the dirty cloth diaper bucket.  Or at least a place for the old one.  Oh, wait, one more thing, I need some seating for my big butt in that room. 

There was some discussion of putting giant lazyboy in Sabine's room, well that is obviously out of the question now.  So, some big yet also small chair since I am not inclined to sit on the floor. 

Not the most exciting post, I know - but anyway, neither is my life at present.  First are the "BEFORE" Pics from the last entry.

Before and before Sabine
Limbo, my room + her room.

Now the space has transitioned to a toddler room, which I know will not last long either as she is growing up so fast! 

left side
right side
big view 
English and French books.

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