Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I wanna dance with my baby.

So, one might think that all we do around here is sing and dance.  That is mostly right according to the following video. Only watch it if you like to watch little kids dancing.  Otherwise, spare yourself the agony because it is over 8 minutes long.  Of course, interspliced is me dancing too.  Sabine shouldn't be the only one making a public fool out of herself. That wouldn't be fair now would it?

The video starts out with a little clip from when Sabine as about 11 months old.  It shows just how much she has grown up.  It is not all fun and games as the clip with her wearing black/white shows either.  The singing part when she is laying down is particularly funny to me.  In fact, she sings all the time: before falling asleep, in the car and well, whenever she damn well feels like it.  The other clips are just various dancing around the house when I happened to have the video camera out.  Of course, many of them are not filmed because the camera is not out or charged.  Anyway, here is a lil bit of what we do around here for fun.

Yup, us girls like to dance.  Enjoy!

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