Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Glitter, chicken pox and SCMtFU

I am back and revitalizing my 21 day blogging challenge. Would have done it sooner but we had some chicken pox in the house and we went out of town and Leo was sick and and and and well whatev. 

Chicken pox are still here a bit yet, but well that's life and we have been keeping ourselves amused.

Paper mache makes the chicken pox blues go away!
Speaking of amused, I would like to start a new segment of the blog called, "Sabine cracks me the fuck up". Eventually, it will likely evolve into Sabine and Leo crack me the fuck up... that is not to say that Leo isn't already a hoot and a half but the segment will involve clever quips made by Sabine. Of course, she doesn't know she is being funny - and that is what makes it even funnier.

So, here it is SCMtFU #1.

Sabine has just finished painting and glittering her paper mache dinosaur egg. After which she has been directed to clean off the table and vacuum the floor (both jobs she finds incredible amounts of joy in... for now anyway).

She comes in the kitchen with the wash cloth for me to rinse off, which I do and return to her to finish the table.

Dinosaur egg with couscous and glitter! (you read that right)
She starts to rub off her hands and is getting increasingly pissed off that she can't get each speck of glitter off her hand.

Her grumbles turn into whines, turns into demands and then tears that "it won't come off! "It won't come off!" hysterics ensue. "I can't get the glitter off my hands! Mama! Help me! The glitter is stuck!!!!!! tears, whines and drama queen in action.

I tell her how lovely it is to have a bit of glitter on her hands, like on halloween.

"Oh" she says, "can I have some more"?


bonus photo: toothy tooth teeth
Paper Mache instructions from this amazing blog:  Weefolkart 

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