Friday, November 22, 2013

And it's ... Friday

Well, hello again. Yeah, it might seem like I didn't blog last night .. but in fact I did. Thing is, Leonora woke up as she likes to do. So, I went in to breast feed her and meanwhile I fell asleep.

Then today, Sabine's big day back to school. I asked her what she did today. She told me that she did betise. That means that she did naughty stuff. She wasn't even trying to hide it either, cuz had she not told me I certainly wouldn't have known because they sure the hell don't say anything as you leave. They insist on that damned kiss and goodbye charade, but rarely pass on anything of any importance. AND, as a bit of an update, Sabine still (mostly) does NOT talk to the adults there. Just. won't. do. it. She seems to like the other kids a great deal though and enjoys going so that is what matters. Oh and she is learning new songs which makes my little songbird very, very happy.

For today though, I probably should have done like my friend did, as her son returned today also due to the chicken pox. He only went a half day. Because when I picked her up to walk home, she was slogging along on her scooter and like a broken record said,"I am so tiiiiiiiired mama", "I need to rest" and "I can't keep going". Poor lil thing. It was too long of a day and the teacher said she refused to listen to direction. I can't even blame her. The last thing you want when you are super tired is someone telling you to do shit you don't wanna do.

Anyhoot, it is Friday and I am glad about that. A nice weekend to take it easy around the house. Get revved up for next week where a routine will resume and Leonora will eat and sleep well and Sabine will NOT ask me first thing in the morning if she can wear leggings to school and I will not do as I did today: watch an hour of movie trailers. Yeah, I did. I had 2 precious hours with no kids in the house, could have done anything and by that I mean organized, cleaned, cooked, folded, scrubbed, emailed, planned, called, stretched, read a book, danced, oh you get the picture. But what did I do? Yeah, I watched romcom movie trailers on youtube and then read all about "Where are they now celebrities?"  on TMZ.

I know I shouldn't feel guilty about it but the thing is, I do.

Okay, this is real time blogging here folks.

My wonderful husband JUST got home from work. Course, he is all sweaty from riding his bike home. But my first words to him were, "Did you buy wine?" and he says, "Yeah, can you find a movie to watch?"  Well, hells bells!  Why yes, yes I can. As a matter of fact I did research all day for this very moment.

Guilt gone!

Hey hey. Here is my husband on the metro with Leo in the baby carrier.

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