Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sabine growing up! (and wearing underwear to prove it)

Short and Cute Sabine and her puff (hair)
Well, well, well ... it has come to this - a weekly update!  Well, I am not going to fail on my 2012 resolution at this point, so Sunday night: me blogging!  If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, I decided to challenge myself for 2012 in new ways, including blogging at least once a week.  Read all about it HERE.

"Sabine, where is your puff?"
So,  Ironically - due to the time, I am already failing on one of the other resolutions: to go to bed earlier.   So, sorry to you my dear reader, but this entry will be short, but cute!

It is funny because Sabine's vocabulary is just exploding and I have said a few things around her that she has picked up unexpectedly.  Like, puff.  I was calling her hair puff to Hicham and then one day, I asked her where her puff was and she put her hands on her hair.  Another time, I said in my southern accent, "oh child" and now she spontaneously says it.  She also really likes words that end in CK, like sick, suck, truck or yes - that one.  And then one day, I said "Darn it" and she repeated "Damn it!".  I was like, "No, Sabine.  Darn it!  Darn it!"

The thing about being surrounded by people who do not ever say "Damn it" but rather, "Merdre" - is that the finger of blame can only be pointed to mama.  

This past week we have not gone really anywhere -thus the nature of this entry.  This week has been all about going potty on the toilet.  Oh yeah, baby!  Sabine is basically now potty trained.  Getting to the potty to do number two is still a work in progess, but that is apparently to be expected.   I did the three days in the house with no bottoms on and the little potty in the livingroom approach.  Sabine had already been using her potty for a few months when it was in the toilet room (if you know France, you know the toilet is kept in a tiny room of its own). She used it once and while, but nothing regular.  She knew it was there and often would hoard books in the toilet room and sit there and read.

Sabine in her new undies :)
But then I decided to take this potty training thing seriously for a couple of reasons: One is that she was on vacation, meaning that she did not go to her morning play place.  Two was that she is almost two.  I read somewhere that waiting too much past two and resistance to potty training goes up.  So,  I say, IF they show signs of being ready, (Being able to pull up/down pants, holding it, using language) then go for it!  I mean the resistance thing makes sense, who wants to get up from doing a puzzle to pee when you can just sit there and pee in your chair and not stop what you are doing?

This intuitively makes sense to me.  There are a few other windows that make sense to me regarding transition.  Such as, getting kids to sleep in their own bed (not necessarily own room) by 6 months. And, introducing bottle nipples if you are ever going to offer pumped milk by 3 months.  Of course, these are only guidelines, but I like being guided on stuff that I have no idea about!  I am a huge fan of expert books, websites and so on, even if I don't do or like what they say, it gives me food for thought.

But the truth is,  "Becoming the parent you want to be" has been the utmost useful book of my entire motherhood journey.  I also love "Super Baby Food".   Okay, wow, that was a tangent.  But the point is that, I wanted Sabine to be potty trained as soon as she was ready and she showed all the signs, so why postpone?

Now the question is, will she by age two, make it to the potty to do number two?  Her birthday is next Saturday, I will let you know next Sunday night ... but earlier :)


Joy said...


Joy said...

Hey Nicole,

Good luck during your new Be prepared for frustration and setbacks. My best advice is to think ahead. Its a great milestone to accoplish :)