Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a week ... sigh

Well, let's see.  Oh, yeah, right.  Update .... as promised by 10 pm Sunday if not written before.  And since this week has come and gone with nothing interesting to report on (really, I am not kidding!) - we have arrived on Sunday (yawn) and here is what is going on around here:

My little Moon, Sabine
Sabine is potty trained now. 

The weather here is gray and depressing.

We all need haircuts.

This entry, sorry to say, is just not that inspired.  Though, it is surrounded by an inspired upcoming trip!  We were planning this summer, but some new things have come up and so, decided to make it sooner.

As in, 3 months!   So much to do - but airline tickets bought and paid for - so no turning back now.  It will be, as last time, a whirlwind of a trip checking all the boxes of a trip "back home" combined with a real vacation.

The trip will go like this:

Paris-North Carolina-Colorado-Utah-Minnesota-Boston-Paris

Highlights: music-mountains-landscapes-family-friends.

Much more planning to do and more details to be revealed.

More soon,



Anonymous said...

It is coming so soon, you must be so excited !

I love Sabine's red head - so beautiful and heartwarming.

Rachael said...

what a great blog! So down to earth and honest. When I sit down to write a blog post I'm usually so tired that the only sentences I can come up with are "we did this..." or "I noticed he likes ...." and reading your blog reminds me of the school drop out that I am (but in a nice way).
Sabine does have beautiful red hair! (<----see, tired)