Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today we visited petit Palais in Paris.

petit Palais
And by the way, today Sabine and I went to the City of Paris' Fine Art Museum called petit Palais.  Because it is a city museum, it is free to enter.  I had never been there before and what a wonderful pleasant surprise it was.  Due to my companion, I didn't take advantage of the audio guide.  Come to think of it, she will be two years old in about 2 weeks which means actually that I haven't used an audio guide for about two years!

If you are in Paris right now and are intrigued by India, there is a temporary exhibit going on right now which is photography called "Women changing India".  It was really wonderful and goes until Jan 8, 2012.  Surprisingly, the pamphlet contained English information so that was nice and again, FREE to get in!

Woman with a Monkey 1908 by Camille Alaphilippe and Sabine

Most of our observations were based on one word descriptions such as: hat, dog, moon, ball, baby or bressie (which is what she calls breasts).  Sadly, I also didn't take many photos - but here are few to give you an idea.

Glorious Ceiling mural
The museum itself was build for the 1900 universal exhibition - and became a museum just two years later.  It contains massive murals on the ceilings/walls, famous paintings, stained glass, flowing stair cases,  elegant sculptures and mosaic tile floors you want to steal. The art ranges from Ancient Greece to WW1.

French Actress Sarah Bernhardt 1876

Outside surrounding the oval gardens.

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