Friday, January 18, 2008

Sharing my thoughtful despair... a poem about change.

In taking the time to grieve the proper way-
I let the house become in a state of disarray

In taking the time alone
there was no sharing of my home

Eating cereal, soup and edamame
I didn't work, so there was no pay.

My visions of simplicity blown
in turning away from the known

As destiny forces me out and away
I wonder at what point I should pray?

The days are full and thin all at once
but there seems to be a natural sequence...

first is death and then rebirth and then death again
rebirth follows, more death, more rebirth: there is no end

Kali is present here and now
It is time that I remember to bow

She has cast an eye toward my way
and declaired, "Yes, my daughter you WILL die today"!

-Nicole Rowan

"Not pretending it is good - only sayin' its real.. and that my dears is real good"-NR

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