Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Keeping it real update

Ridiculous.  This much time passing and no entry.  Not for lack of thought, believe me.  However just to fill you in on the highlights.  Yes, I am going to make a list.  Lame, I know.

1. Sabine's vocabulary is growing everyday.
French words vs English words

Banane (banana)                 cheese
Pomme (apple)                     some
pain (bread)                         go
d'leau(water)                        shoes
Assis (sit)                            jacket
chat  (cat)                              book
chien (dog)                        munch (lunch)
touch pas (don't touch)      gorilla
dohor (outside)                   moon
la (there)                              cup
lapin (rabbit)                      again
encore (more/again)             jump
yourt (yogurt)                      hello
pousette (stroller)                 car
hibou (owl)                         phone

Sabine and papa
She speaks a lot of French words, even though I speak to her in English all day.  For one thing, Hicham reads to her tons every night before bed.  She also spends 3 hours on Tues and Thursday and all day on Wednesday at her "Stop and Play" place.  I am just so darn happy with this place.  She is also very happy to go there too.  I know she enjoys all the socializing which is what is basically for.  This is not a place intended for full time working parents, it is designed for stay-at-home moms.  France is really big on socializing from a young age.  Kids start school here at age three.  If you want, it is possible to wait until they are 5, but nobody does - except maybe foreigners.  I am also really pleased that they are willing to work around our non-animal eating lifestyle.  She eats lunch there on Wednesdays and even naps there.  It is great.  Which brings me to number 2.

2.  Since Sabine has a place to go, I have resumed French classes.  They too are going well.  There is one woman in the class who is getting on my last nerve.  She constantly barks out the answer, not allowing the others to respond.  She translates loudly nearly everything the teacher says thinking it is making her look smart.  And she speaks incredibly LOUDLY when doing so.  The majority of the class is American and over the age of 40.  Without big mouth (who is about 27) the class would be perfect.  The teacher is wonderful.  I cannot say one bad thing about her.  She is creative, dynamic, spontaneous, flexible and constructive.  All things that French teachers, in my experience, are incapable of.  I just wish she would shut that big mouth up.  Great segway to number 3.
soaking oats/nuts

sprouted quinoa
3.  My big mouth and filling it up with my new obsession.  Soaking beans, grains and flours before utilizing them.  I intend to write a big ass blog entry about it because it has sort-of taken over my life as I learn about it and experiment in the kitchen.  I have been sprouting wild rice, chick peas and soaking oats.  At the moment, there is in the oven baking, some pumpkin muffins which had soaked for 24 hours before cooking.  To sum up WHY, well it seems that much of the nutrients and minerals are unavailable in many foods unless we soak them - and easier to digest.  Obviously, this will be a post for you to look forward to and for me to write - but at present, I am still researching and experimenting before I share all my findings.  So far though, it is fun as hell!

3.5 We have been on the lookout for a new winter jacket for me.  It has been a fool's errand.  Women's cold weather wear in France has one thing in mind: looking good but not feeling good.  They are thin as shit, basically good for a nippy fall day.  In contrast to the heavy duty wonderful selection for the men, waterproof, down, etc.  And, surprise, women's are more expensive too!  I am not sure what I will do - maybe get a guys' jacket.

4. Living room is largely done!  Painted and pictures up.  That too will be an upcoming post.  I am very excited to show you the transformation really.
It is hard to believe she was ever the size of that bear! 

 6.  Sabine is just growing so fast, it blows my mind. In my effort to discover new and interesting things for Sabine and I to do together that are both fun and stimulating, I often read homeschooling blogs - a rich resource of great information.  They make me wonder if I shouldn't homeschool Sabine, but I know that I probably won't - but would rather find her a really cool school to attend.  (Unfortunately private more than likely).  But anyway, when I read these blogs - sometimes I feel like such a loser!

I know it is never good to compare yourself to another (like what is the point, we all are different) BUT, I do read blogs of moms who have large families, garden, bake bread, home school, keep the house clean, sew, can, volunteer, take incredible photos, (often all while pregnant and/or with a young baby) and much much more and still blog like every single day ... I am like, HOW IN THE HECK?  Seriously, how? how? how? 

Big shout out to a blogging mama I am now a fan of, who has not one but TWO amazing and current blogs!  Check them one, this woman is my inspiration! Her family of eight is gorgeous, her breads are perfect and did I mention that she is homesteading?  Get a cup of coffee and a muffin and prepare to get a glimpse into a family who are keeping it real. 



Erica S said...

I may not comment but I do read your blog and love it! So interesting to "see" France through your eyes :)

Deb said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I just checked out the two blogs you recommended and I am wowed ! I barely find the time to fold laundry ! I am interested in finding some creative things to do with a 'newborn' baby if you know of anything. Keep up the good work, I love your blog.
Ps: Sabine is beautiful

Michelle said...

Well, I for one, love the list. Sometimes that is how I think. So neat to hear of your experience and life in France. And your little girl, Sabine, is the sweetest!

Yay for you for soaking! I've been so bad in this area this past year since baby was born. I will look forward to you sharing more {I could use the encouragement!}.

I was reading along. . . and then got to #6. You are so sweet. ♥ I wonder how she does it? (LOL) No, seriously, if I didn't have my blogs to look back on I would wonder what we did! I love that it gives me a source of accountability and love that it encourages me and others as well. Yes, we are all different! So yes, you shouldn't compare. ;-)