Friday, June 10, 2011

Going to see the in-laws and to rock out at a 3 day Musical Festival!

We are going out of town tomorrow night for three days to see the in-laws, hang out with fabulous neighbors who are also going and to attend a really amazing music festival in Belfort France.  The Festival of Music 2011!  It is a really special festival with a wide variety of musicians from all over the world performing for free at different venues (many outdoors) in a medium sized French town.  It starts Friday night and goes until Monday night!   This is our third year going.  I can't wait! 
Hicham's photogenic dad. (Sabine not so much here, she was about just an infant though)

We will also haul all the clothes Sabine grew out in the last two months to be stored at Hicham's parent's big three story house.  Their house deserves a blog of it's own, let alone a single posting - it is so interesting.  Hicham's dad is a total DIY kinda guy.  He works all the time, it is just his nature.  He will retire this year, but that does not mean he will stop being ever busy.  He fills his days with home "improvement" projects and his enormous gardens (one could even say farms, really).  Hicham tells me farming is just in his blood.  That's cool, everything he grows is organic and wonderful.  Unfortunately, we have never finished off the boxes of vegetables he generously gives us before it goes bad.  And believe me, we eat a lot of vegetables around here, so that is saying something about the quantity.  And now that we have a bigger car, I don't know what will happen!  Anyway, he recently built on another edition to their house, bringing the number of living rooms to a total number of FIVE!  Yes, five living rooms all complete with sofas and coffee tables (Morocco style).

Anyway, ALL that to say that we are going out of town and if you are so inclined and want to check out the festival,

This pic was from summer 2009 when I was about three months pregnant.  Just felt like posting it because it is fun.

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