Monday, May 5, 2008

3 and a half weeks!

3 & 1/2 weeks... and counting

So- Just a little update... I do have another more interesting blog about my re-move abroad. Please let me know if you are interested in the link, and I will gladly email it to you. It goes a lot more in depth than I do on myspace.

Reality struck me about two weeks ago- with working more than FT as the Cheif Judge for One Stop Early Voting, I realized that I simply was NOT going to be ready to move out of my house in time. It was just too overwhelming. Yes, it is true our garage sale resulted in 'earning' over $2000 and yet there was still stuff yet ungone stuff, paperwork, random miscellaneous stuff that people didnt buy or that I failed to put out for the sale and many, many books that did not sell. Not to mention the fact, that moving our requires cleaning time. So, I sucked it up and admitted to being a human being and not a human doing. Lucklily, for me the landlord said I could stay an additional month.

So- after using the rental truck to drive all my clothes to Rachel's house, I had to go back and get them all and resume my life in my empty yet cluttered house. It was really stupid. Her house was clean, orderly and stress-free and mine, well let's just say that it sucks. I felt a jab or self-hate as I left what could have been my clean, orderly home before departure to France BUT NO... still have tons left to do!

Yesterday, I brought three boxes of random stuff to the ladies down the street - they are in recovery of some sort and living in a group home. They were delighted by all the funkified clothes & shoes.

But anyoldway- Early voting is over (two days ago - over 800 voters in 6 hours!) and tomorrow is NC's primary election and then a normal routine will resume... and Wednesday will be the BIG delivery day to Habitat for Humanity.

I would say that 2008 has already been one of the most unusual years of my life... how has your 2008 been so far?

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